Fubuki Kai
Fubuki Kai
Japanese name: 楷吹雪(かい ふぶき)
English name: Kai Fubuki
First apparition: Manga vol. 6, OAV vol. 5
Affiliations: Miroku ninja clan (adopted); Shikima Kingdom (adopted)
Occupations: Ninja, High-school student
Japanese voice: Junko Asami
Age: around 16 yrs
Date of birth:
Height: 162cm
Measurements: 74-56-78

Fubuki Kai is a self-made ninja, she goes after Miko Mido to prove that she is more talented than her, and more worthy of the title of headmaster of the Miroku ninja clan. Defeated in a sexual duel, she is adopted by the Shikima and becomes a friend of Miko. When adopted by the Shikima, she is turned into a Shikima, since she desired enough power to equal Miko Mido. She is fond of her new form, but also irritates Miko by being better than her. Fierce and very independent, she is also sexually very agressive; joining the Miroku clan calmed down some of the most negative aspects of her personality thought, and she has become very loyal to Miko after their initial conflict.