Injutsu (淫術, the art of perversion) being a wordplay on ninjutsu (忍術), the techniques used by historical ninjas.


  • Aoi Tatsumaki (Blue Whirlwind): Miko's hair ribbon is in fact a kind of a seal. When she removes it, her hair gains the ability to grow exponentially and to act as a mini-tornado, which rips away all of her clothing. Often used by Miko as a finishing move against the episode's villain.
  • Nyoninboh (女人棒): Miko's secret weapon against females; she can make her clitoris grow to the size of a man's penis and use it to make her opponents orgasm. She is surprised to learn she is not the only one to have mastered this art, and Fubuki comes very close to winning her duel against Miko.
  • Iron Pubes: Miko’s pubic hairs turn into needles that shoot at her opponent.
  • Milk Strike: A shot of milk from Miko's breast, which can blind an enemy.
  • Alcoholic Shower: Close-combat move, initiated when Nin-Nin sprays alcohol on the body of Miko's opponent, and she raises her body temperature to ignite the alcohol.
  • Using her acupuncture skills, Miko can stimulate the hidden pleasure points of a female body to make her opponent orgasm.
  • Acid Blast: Miko shoots acid from her vagina. Fubuki has a variant of this technique that she uses to melt demon tentacles.
  • Werewolf Transformation: Yaku becomes horny when the moon is full. If she doesn't have an orgasm before it's too late, she transforms into a werewolf.
  • Shikima Transformation: Once accepted among the Shikimas, and having her human blood replaced by demonic blood, Fubuki will be able to transform at will into a demon form.