First OAV Series (1992-1993)

  1. Injuu Gakuen - La Blue Girl
  2. Injuu Gakuen - La Blue Girl 2
  3. Injuu Gakuen - La Blue Girl 3 - Shikima sakkai no shou
  4. Injuu Gakuen - La Blue Girl 4 - Youtou inkai no shou
  5. Shin Injuu Gakuen
  6. Shin Injuu Gakuen 2 (first part & final part)

La Blue Girl EX - Lady Blue OAV Series (1996)

  1. The First Love of the Shikima (淫獣学園EX 1 初恋裏色魔篇Injuu gakuen EX 1: Hatsukoi uchi shikima hen)
  2. The Curse of the Mysterious Love (淫獣学園EX 2 妖恋呪縛篇Injuu gakuen EX 2: Youren jubaku hen)
  3. The Hell of the Cursed Love (淫獣学園 EX 3 邪恋地獄篇Injuu gakuen EX 3: Yaren jigoku hen)
  4. The Reincarnation of Sad Love (淫獣学園EX 4 哀恋輪廻篇Injuu gakuen EX 4: Airen rinne hen)

La Blue Girl Returns (2001-2002)

4 episodes.

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