Nin-Nin byon byon
Japanese name: ニン忍
English name: Nin-nin
First apparition: Manga vol. 1, OAV vol. 1
Affiliations: Miroku ninja clan
Occupations: Ninja (Miko's servant and retainer)
Japanese voice: Kappei Yamaguchi

A perverted dwarfish ninja from the Miroku clan who is also Miko's subordinate. Being always surrounded with hot sexy ninja girls, he has a hard time keeping off his more lecherous act and try every time he can to snuggle the girls - usually getting beaten for it.

In the anime adaptation, Nin-nin is also depicted as video taping Miko "exploits" on film for future reference so that Miko can study her techniques later, which provides a nice "in-universe" justification for the Ecstasy taizen compilations videos which were released in Japan only.

In the last story arc of the manga, Nin-nin is revealed as being a Shikima in its young form. He gains a more adult form, which catch the eye of both Miko and Fubuki : both express the desire to fuck him, but Fubuki is faster.