• "Did I forget to wear my panties again?"
  • "Miko Mido, born of the strange destiny of fighting off her enemies with sex.."
  • "..a half-demon ninja sex warrior.."
  • *Whine*
    "Missions are hard.. and I have to do all this sex!"
  • Said by a wisened, elderly lady:
    "Hmmm.. It looks like someone used a ninja potion and reprogrammed her snatch!"
  • "Fools! Now do you understand? He has passed through my labia and into the realm of carnal defilement that is a part of me!"
  • "She drips and drips with passion and yet she continues to babble on about her story!"
  • "Oh, I see you've trained your vessel well!"
  • Said by Nin-Nin, standing underneath a naked girl and looking up:
    "I can see all the way in!"
  • "If you want to revert to your human form, just exhale from below."