A pretty young woman of the Miroku clan, Yaku is notable for her ability to transform into a werewolf during full-moon nights if she hasn't been sexually satisfied beforehand, and for her enormous breasts of which Miko is pretty envious. She sports a mature air which make her look more adult than Miko. She is also sexually very active, with a taste for "yankee"-looking (delinquent) young men - who usually have a hard time keeping up with her carnal urges.

Yaku Ver ComiPa by ComiPa
Japanese name: 夜久(やく)
English name: Yaku
First apparition: Manga vol. 3, OAV vol. 3
Affiliations: Miroku ninja clan
Occupations: Ninja
Japanese voice: Mai Asakura
Age: around 16 yrs
Date of birth:
Measurements:  ? (stated as G cup)